I (heart) NY – Part 2 (my grand plan)

    I have an idea.

Everyone should be on vacation all the time.  People are relaxed, smiling, and enjoying themselves.  folks are less hurried, and prone to cooler heads.  We’re all a bit more agreeable when we’re on vacation.

Imagine if we conducted ourselves every day as if we were on a leisurely vacation!  Leave the ‘crackberry’ at home (or accidentally back over it with the RV), sleep in, have a coffee while reading the paper or favourite book in the warm morning sun…probably not very good for productivity, but hey, all great ideas need some compromise.

Now, I’m not so naive as to suggest that this is all possible, or even everyone’s idea of Valhalla.

I’m sure the ‘A’ types out there are breaking out in a cold sweat at such a suggestion.  ‘What?  No e-mail?  My head would explode!’

Here’s an alternative – maybe we could work different jobs on a rotational basis?  If you work in an office in the city, your rotation might be working the rental counter at a Moped shop in Spain, or busking on Coney Island.  The people who do this for a living take our jobs, slogging it out in traffic, wearing business attire in artificial air and light, or slugging heavy boxes in a hot factory all day long.

There might be a few jobs that this wouldn’t work so well on.  Specialized jobs, like the one my friend has, working in a nuclear power plant.  Pretty sure I wouldn’t want a pot-smoking, t-shirt street vendor in charge of highly dangerous radioactive material, even for a short while.

And I really don’t want to have an accountant serving me Mojito’s at one of those swim-up bars.  they’d scrimp on the rum for sure!

Okay, so maybe this idea needs a little more vetting before I can pitch it to the UN as a world peace initiative, but it has merit all the same.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to be in charge of the ‘start’ button on a roller coaster ride, or feed the dolphins at Sea World….I’ll bet you’re smiling already, aren’t you?

So there you have it – a brief mental vacation courtesy or yours truly.  You can thank me by offering to trade jobs some time….as long as you’re not a garbage collector!


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