Mammoth hunters get bad press

Hey everyone – recycling a blog from a couple of years ago….before I had so many adoring fans!

Anyway, Dad isn’t with us anymore, but we are still getting together this weekend at the cottage in his honour and dedicating a small bridge he built. Enjoy the re-read.

The Lighter Side of Life

Since we’re closing in on Father’s Day, I’m dedicating this blog to all the Dad’s out there.

For my family, Father’s Day is spent as a weekend cottage getaway with my Dad, along with my brothers and their families.    This year, because of my father’s deteriorating health, we’ll celebrate closer to home, but it will still be a celebration none the less.

Overall, I’d say dads get the press they deserve.  I have noticed over the past few years, however, that dads (and men in general) are getting a bad rap in the media – specifically in advertising.  Is it because most advertising agencies are controlled by jilted women who have it out for an ex? Maybe it’s payback for the ‘Mad Men’ years of male-dominated advertising. Or have we, as men, just quietly accepted the role of dumb, bumbling over-grown kids since its easier than challenging this type of…

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