Who is this guy?

Troy Pulchinski is just an average guy.  He lives outside Toronto with his wife and two almost-grown kids.  He’s always had a way of telling stories that people found entertaining…or maybe they were just being polite.

Either way, he decided to share these with the world, which seems to be very small, based on his followers list.

All of his personal stories are absolutely true to the best of his recollection, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Firmly in the middle of his mid-life crisis, he couldn’t afford an Ferrari, and is afraid of motorcycles, so he bought a guitar.  Now, he plays in a basement band who sometimes get out and offer themselves to play at charity events or other venues that have low expectations.

me cartoon

If you stumble onto this blog, be sure to click on the ‘follow’ button so you don’t miss any of Troy’s weekly blogs.  They’re light, fun and sometimes educational, but not too often.

He’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. I enjoy reading your stories and can follow this path, since we are all family and when growing up there were many happy, serious and funny events in our lives. Keep up the writing, as it is also a tribute to your mom and dad..

  2. Okay so, I love reading these (and you know me, I hate reading), so that should be a HUGE compliment! I really enjoyed the one about the “hole” in your back yard, because I remembered you telling me that story. Anyways, keep it up! ‘Cause I enjoy reading them 🙂

  3. I have always loved the turkey story and cracked up reading it. You have always been a great story teller. I am so glad you are writing them down. 🙂

    • You’ll probably like the ‘Street Hockey’ blog that I posted last week…My sister-in-law ran into Lanny McDonald a few months ago. He still has the mustache, is probably the nicest hockey guy I’ve ever met.

      • Oh that is so awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out. That’s a really cool hockey bump-in! I saw Mike Komisarek at the airport once. But he was on his phone, so it didn’t really feel right to approach him.

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